Your Innkeepers

Meet Ed and Vickie Harris, owners & operators of The Historic Knickerbocker Mansion Big Bear Lake, California

For Vickie and I, as the new owners of the Knickerbocker, it is our sincere hope that your extended visit to the Mansion leaves you with as deep a contentment as we found upon our first visit. It was that moment when time is briefly suspended and life is shouting at you to STOP! And so we did, and to our surprise we were caught up in the glory of this age old building. Its history is so obvious you find yourself day-dreaming of all the famed characters on the stage during that period, who must have dropped in or sat down to dinner with the Knickerbockers to discuss the new dam, a recent gold find, or just to smoke a pipe and talk politics. The ambiance of the Historic Mansion cannot be denied.

Since the early construction, the Knickerbocker Mansion has seen several renovations. It was first converted into a Bed and Breakfast in the mid 1980’s from the original private residence. In 1998, the property was stripped of every piece of furniture and fixtures. It was lovingly restored and remodeled taking special care to retain the historical nature and essence of the facility. Many changes resulted from this work, including private baths, a new front entrance and porch, a full commercial kitchen, laundry, private offices, a separate conference and meeting facility, maintenance garage and a private home for the Innkeepers.

May your soul be tended, and time suspended, while at the Historic Knickerbocker Mansion.

May your soul be tended and time suspended while at the Knickerbocker Mansion.

Ed and Vickie Harris
New Owners, 2014

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